She’s speakers for all of us. She’s Always Pelosi to Me.

It was the best of ideas, it was the worst of times. There is no need to wonder if resistance is warranted. How much and how to are both worth discussing.

So we are doing our best to walk this line…or perhaps run this line as things are flying fast and furious in the first days of our worst president. Herbert Hoover and Millard Fillmore are both so grateful to be dropped from that contest in light of the temperamentally unsound and morally challenged orange autocrat who has decided to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

But resistance with a smile is what #ResistanceKaraoke is all about. Help us continue this work. Spread these songs you know with words for this time. Consider supporting our efforts and most importantly keep standing up yourself for our campaign weary country.

#ResistanceKaraoke Playlist on YouTube:

The Russian Connection
The Liar Tweets Tonight
Hotel Tried-to-Warn-Ya
Country Closed
Fried of the Donald
Saturday Night Tweeter

…and more

If you are amused, inspired or so inclined:

“All of your music hits the spot with me! Resistance Karaoke is good. Not only is all the writing clever and well-put, but your voices well balanced and effective with such a unique, catchy style of crispness and rhythm.” – Helen Pop