Playing, Singing, Saying

The Zen master of life procrastination, Sean brings a mix of young enthusiasm and crotchety misanthropic cheerful moping to our every session.   The challenge of being new at something is never as hard as the challenge of remaining new to something.  And for us that is the must.  We...

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NowStalgia not ThenStalgia

And so, being rebels at heart, we bypass what we are expected to do at this age and embrace what we are calling NowStalgia. Our take on the word is slightly different from Urban Dictionary’s – it’s less about watching what’s happening in order to be melancholy about it later and...

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Surfin the Third Wave

Our  fate was certain.  That long slow trek from middle age to irrelevance while we stood in the way of the young who, just like we did, want everything for themselves. And now science keeps us all lingering in this life longer, stronger, better able to be here (most of us)...

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