Playing, Singing, Saying

The Zen master of life procrastination, Sean brings a mix of young enthusiasm and crotchety misanthropic cheerful moping to our every session.


The challenge of being new at something is never as hard as the challenge of remaining new to something.  And for us that is the must.  We have tumbled, grumbled, argued, sulked. We have  been clever, kind, kinetic, kool and more in the two years of wrestling with this idea of making music for our generation that can still speak to anyone.   It has already been a musical / comic / tragedy just getting to the first recording.   So much depends on the good will and great kindness of people everywhere.  So much depends on not settling or resting til something changes into that better way of playing, singing, saying. Until a stranger you know well yields your dream to you.

There are better people than us to do this.  I hope they will and do.  I know we will continue to work at this as we can and with our best.

What are you passionate about?  What are you doing at whatever time in your life you are to make a small difference for the good?  That is not a scold but a challenge.  It is a promise that you and things can both be better all the way through this brief journey.
People who know that and live that aren’t all successful but they are the people you see with something more going on behind their eyes and in their smile. Life got us here by innovating across billions of years.  We can at least sustain the need to explore, excel, improve and dance while doing it.

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